The optional accessory comprises ASC (Automatic Stability Control) with a special Enduro configuration for Enduro and Enduro Pro modes. It also includes a special enduro configuration for the standard BMW Motorrad ABS, which is also used in the Enduro and Enduro Pro modes. The optionally available Dynamic ESA has also been integrated into this "mode environment". The set-up is optimally adapted depending on the riding mode (see Suspension section).
When riding on wet roads and in difficult grip conditions, the onus on riders is lightened in "Rain" mode due to the particularly soft control and response characteristics, yet the full torque and power potential is still available. The electronic control system ASC (Automatic Stability Control) responds earlier than in "Road" mode. If the GS has the optional accessory Dynamic ESA, damping action of the front and rear spring struts is adjusted to soft according to the conditions.
In "Road" mode, the control systems are set so that an optimum performance is obtained on dry roads. This mode provides a spontaneous and linear throttle response and combines efficient, smooth controllability with homogeneous torque build-up.
"Dynamic" mode allows the new BMW R 1200 GS to demonstrate its on-road sporting temperament. Even more spontaneous and direct throttle response, restrained ASC intervention and rigid damping action in case of the Dynamic ESA optional accessory enable the bike's full potential to be exploited.
In "Enduro" mode, the R 1200 GS shows off its off-road riding from its best side. A soft throttle response, restrained control intervention by the Enduro ASC, optimal brake distribution and ideal ABS control characteristics together with high-traction Dynamic ESA (optional), render the bike suitable for new Enduro environments. As a result even riders with little Enduro experience off road will be able to handle the new R 1200 GS quickly and experience the joy of riding it. The mode is optimised for use with standard tyres.
For ambitious Enduro riders, BMW Motorrad offers the "Enduro Pro" mode. This riding mode, with spontaneous engine response characteristics is designed for use with lugged tyres. At the same time, the ABS function is deactivated at the rear when the footbrake lever is engaged; Dynamic ESA is coordinated to traction and optimal power characteristics. ASC is coordinated to professional Enduro use and allows significantly greater slip. With this configuration the new BMW R 1200 GS can demonstrate its sporting temperament off-road too, opening up a whole new world for experienced Enduro riders while enabling superior control of the motorbike.
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