12 - Oct 19, 2025
Gulf of Corinth, Greece

Greece – From Sea To Sky – A Ride Nordic Adventure, Official Partner of BMW Motorrad

Greece – From Sea To Sky – A Ride Nordic Adventure, Official Partner of BMW Motorrad

A majestic adventure

Embark on a majestic journey with the "From Sea To Sky" motorcycle tour, offering challenging riding and breathtaking scenery that transitions from the serene sea to the awe-inspiring sky. This adventure, brought to you by Ride Nordic AB, an official partner of BMW Motorrad, takes you through cozy coastal villages on curvy asphalt roads and over high mountain ridges on exhilarating, airy gravel roads. Experience the comfort of riding at altitudes ranging from 700 to 1700 meters, amidst the most scenic landscapes.

Gravel experience is beneficial for this tour, emphasizing the need for stable and safe riding skills. Mastery over brake, throttle, and clutch control is paramount, especially on the winding and rocky gravel roads high on the mountain sides. For those looking to brush up on their skills, we highly recommend completing our Offroad Basic Rider Training before embarking on this adventure. If our tours in Portugal or Iceland have already captured your heart, the "From Sea To Sky" tour in Greece promises to be an exciting next step.

Prepare for long days on the motorcycle, with new accommodations each night and the support of three experienced tour guides. Our collaborative spirit ensures that everyone gets through challenges together, embodying the essence of team spirit. Approximately 30% of our route follows the Adventure Country Tracks (ACT) – Greece, showcasing the beauty and diversity of the Greek landscape.

This tour is organized, operated, and offered by Ride Nordic AB, ensuring an unparalleled riding experience with the quality and adventure that BMW Motorrad enthusiasts have come to expect. Join us for an unforgettable journey where the thrill of the ride meets the splendor of Greece.

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