Mission Manx.

MotorCircus on the road to the Isle of Man.

This is the story of four "MotorCircus" lads from Berlin. On BMW oldtimer motorcycles and armed with a camera, they set out on a 4,000 km long journey. From Berlin, they rode through Belgium, France and London to the Isle of Man.

The film of this journey – Mission Manx – premiered on 8 March 2014. A little while later, BMW fans around the world were able to view the result of this journey. In an exclusive interview, Christoph Köhler, Marko Kramer, Tim Adler and Martin “Lemmi” Lemcke tell BMW Motorrad about the realisation of a long-held dream.

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It’s a long time since you did the trip, does it seem like a distant memory for you now?
Christoph: The tour is still omnipresent and we still have a load to do in terms of Mission Manx. We post information on our website and prepare ourselves for the upcoming world premier of the "Road Movie".
Do you think the journey changed your lives in any way?
Lemmi: A good journey always changes your life. You have chats and experiences along the way with interesting people. For instance we met Mark Wilsmore at the Ace Café and on the Isle of Man. We have heard histories about past races from Tony Wall and Derek Whaley. This really impressed us and changed our views about the British history and the men who have races on the mountain course.
What was the original vision you had for the film and do you think it has been achieved?
Christoph: Our intention was to travel to the Isle of Man. We had no fixed points apart from a stop off at the Ace Café. We were going the "old-school" way on our old bikes. We were carrying everything we needed either in the saddlebags or strapped down. This ensured the feeling of adventure and freedom. The responses to the trailer of Mission Manx were very positive. And so we find that the end result even exceeds our original expectations.
Do you know if you have inspired any BMW enthusiasts to build their own bikes, or plan a similar journey?
Lemmi: Yes we did and we’re very happy about that Because that’s one big thing we wanted to happen – to inspire others to get their own bikes, customise them to their individual needs and then plan a trip like this one.
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The Movie

In the tracks of "Ironman Georg".

In the tracks of "Ironman Georg".

The Isle of Man is world famous for the Tourist Trophy in June. But it's also home to the Classic TT and the Manx Grand Prix at the end of August. And that's exactly where these guys are headed. Christoph, 35, explains: "The Manx Grand Prix has been held on the same 60-kilometre route as the TT since 1930. With the difference that with the Manx, numerous races take place on classic motorcycles. This attracts oldtimer fans and riders equally. For us Berlin motorcyclists, it is the perfect place for meeting other passionate fans. And we are following in the tracks of one of our motorsport idols: racer Georg 'Schorsch' Meier. He was the first non-Brit to win the 1939 TT. This event is absolutely perfect for BMW freaks like us. The sound of open exhaust pipes fills the air, the noise is incredible and you can literally smell the nostalgia. It's simply fantastic".

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